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Pismo Beach and Oceanside

November, 2008

2008-11 To Dean's via Pismo Beach

Tuesday (Election Day) Nov 4 Day 1: Home to Holiday RV Park, Pismo Beach, Ca via SR33, Pacheco Pass, US101: 257 miles.

Lavonne joined me for this trip to Dean's, and with some of our friends already at the RV park in Pismo Beach, we decided to visit them for a couple of days. We drove down the back country road SR33 through Patterson, etc., then stopped for lunch at Anderson's Split Pea Restaurant where SR33 meets I-5. We then continued on across Pacheco Pass to US101 and south through the Salinas Valley to Pismo Beach. It is a much more enjoyable drive than taking I-5 to SR46.

Where the ocean meets Pismo Beach as we arrive.

We arrived at the Holiday RV Park around 1600. After getting the coach set up, we visited Dee and Tom in their coach while tipping a few drinks. We decided to head to a restaurant in town where we enjoyed a fine dinner. After returning to the coach, we hit the sack for a much needed, good night's rest.

At the Holiday RV Park in Pismo Beach


Wednesday Nov 5 Day 2: Jacks down all day.

We began the day much earlier than our friends already at the RV park. I busied myself around the coach, and later we joined a couple of the others for a breakfast at the local cinammon roll shop. Man, what a delicious breakfast after weeks of my new diet - but that was a big defeat in my battle of the bulge. We also went out for most of the other meals and I'll likely gain weight on this trip.


Thursday Nov 6 Day 3: Pismo Beach to Oxnard, Ca via US101: 125 miles.

We began the day early and spent time watching TV and having our morning coffee. I broke down and walked across the street to a 7-11 store and ought a couple of donuts. Later in the morning we went out for brunch at a local restaurant with a couple of our friends and pigged out again. When we got back to the coach I dumped the tanks and prepared to hit the road. We were on the highway a bit before noon.

A fishing boat off the coast at 12X with my telescopic camera.

Another 12X shot, this is a drill rig off the coast, pumping oil. We need a lot more of these!

Camped at the Oxnard Walmart lot

It's a beautiful drive down US101 toward LA. We arrived at our planned campsite around 4:00: the Wal-Mart lot in Oxnard. Where'd they come up with a name like Oxnard? We did a bit of shopping in the store and asked about spending the night in their lot - which is normally just fine with Wal-Mart. But we were told no! So I asked another manager type in the store and was again told no. hmmmmm. I asked the security guy who drives around the lot all day and he said I'd be fine 'til 11:00 p.m. and then would have to move to another nearby parking lot and would likely be Ok for the night. I decided we'd just go to bed as usual and see if anyone bothered us. I got up at 5:00 a.m. and nobody had knocked on the door during the night. In fact we had three other RVs join us during the night. All was well. We had dinner that night at a Chick-Fil-A store - a first for us. They have good sandwiches and excellent desserts, but I'd still prefer a KFC!


Friday Nov 7 Day 4: Oxnard to Guajome Park in Oceanside via US101, I-5: 144 miles.

We felt pretty smart about staying put for the night - and that we'd gotten away with something! And we were also relieved that all went well that night. This day we'd suffer the traffic of LA enroute to Oceanside, near San Diego. It seemed that we had even more traffic coming into LA on US101. We usually come over the Tehachapis on I-5 to LA. US101 was a better road, but the drive was longer and through the downtown LA area it was a tangled mess.

LALA Land traffic; note the many police cars on the opposite side - there were about 20 unmarked cars with their lights flashing. We never knew why.

As we worked our way south toward Orange County the traffic moved faster. From Orange County the highway is newer and less congested. We arrived at Guajome Park a bit before noon. After I dropped the jacks and settled in for a couple of days, I poured myself a cold, stiff drink. LA traffic really jangles the nerves!

We had dinner with the kids - Dean my son, his wife Melissa and the two boys, Connor 7 and Aidan 3. And of course, Sally the huge Golden Retriever who's not yet a year old. She must be the world's biggest dumb puppy. She loves everyone and everyone loves Sally. The kids are growing up in a very loving home and are affectionate and cute as can be. But... the noise!! It drives this ol' Grandpa nuts after a couple of hours and I need to get away to the coach for a little quiet therapy. And so we headed home after just a couple of hours visit.

Nuclear power plant near Oceanside

Saturday Nov 8 Day 5: Jacks down all day at Guajome Park.

Our space at Guajome Park is unlike any I've seen elsewhere. We are 100 ft. or so from the nearest neighbor and are in a very rural, even rugged, setting. There is a pond nearby that I could fish if I ever took the notion. Guajome is a San Diego County park and is well run and maintained. We make reservations for the next trip immediately after getting home from each trip which I make every three months. It is a very popular RVer destination and reservations are best made well in advance.

We visited with the kids much of the day - too much for me, actually. By the end of the day my nerves were shot and I was a wreck from all the screaming and hollering of the two boys. It just never ends. We launched some toy rockets at a nearby park and drew a small crowd of curious people. Dean launched five rockets altogether and it was quite entertaining. Dean and I then went to lunch alone again, the high point of my visits. It's good to just visit with him quietly - something impossible with the kids around. We hung around the house much of the afternoon and I was greatly relieved to head to the coach for some much needed quiet.

And this trip is was nearly complete; we headed out about 0500 the following morning and drove all the way home. By leaving early on Sunday we streak through the LA area with little traffic. It would be great to be back home!


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