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April 19-21, 2009

Another Trip to Gridley.

Via I-5 & SR99 = 115 miles each way.

We were overdue for a trip to my sis and brother-in-law's in Gridley, about 70 miles north of Sacramento on SR99. It's a short trip and we really enjoy the drive through the rural area above Sacramento.

We arrived Sunday and stayed 'til Tuesday morning. It was a couple of days of just sitting around visiting and eating. Eating too much is a family tradition at my sis's when we get together.

The coach in the driveway. This is rural countryside and the peace and quiet make the journey well worth while - not to mention visiting with family.

The back acre of land is rented to a neighbor and he keeps two mules and a horse on that acre. Those critters are very friendly and we enjoyed visiting them, too. And they enjoyed the carrots we gave them. I photographed some of the wildlife out the back window of the house, and here are a few photos:

The horse and mules graze on the pasture.

Quail show up most mornings for the daily seed feeding.

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