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Brannan Island State Park... Again!

(Photos lost during site migration.)

December 5-7, 2006

Three Gorgeous Days at

 Brannan Island State Park!

The total catch for three days was one schoolie striper, barely big enough to keep. And since it was deeply hooked, I did keep it. But as usual, catching a fish was just a bonus! Note the mirror flat water, it was an awesome three days in December.

I thought my fishing was over for the year, but watching the weather forecast as I usually do, I saw an unusually nice, windless few days predicted for the Delta. I decided to take the boat and the motorhome for one last fishing trip this year - and make it a three day affair.

I don't think I fished as many hours over the three days as I usually do on a two day trip. When the sun set, it was too cold to find much pleasure out there on the water. And two of the three day, I was back to the motorhome well before sunset.

Having the motorhome  means I have all the comforts of home during the evenings. A warm home with kitchen, hot shower and even TV. It sure beats overnighting at anchor!

FishWisher waits in her Brannan Island slip for the next fishing trip.

The boat docks at Brannan are well worth the cost of $7 per night. The RV campsites are just $15 for seniors. The convenience of just walking down to the dock each morning sure is easier than launching every day. The RV camp I use is just above the docks. I can see the boat from my motorhome. It's all a very nice arrangement.


Kicked back, taking in the warm sunshine while waiting for the nibble of a mighty sturgeon - maybe even getting the old waddle a bit tanned!

The ship channel is currently being dredged near Lights 21 and 23. I don't think the racket is helping the fishing any, but it has to be done from time to time. It is a big production.


Heading to the ramp after the last day of fishing. Note the mirror-like water and the wonderful sunshine. It was a grand - if not productive - fishing trip!



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