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February 5-6, 2007

Another Trip to Brannan Park

Fishwisher Berthed at Brannan Park

The combination of the RV campground and the boat berths makes Brannan a great place to spend a few days of fishing. Too bad I headed home so early. Yep, after all the work and details of washing, preparing and loading the motorhome and boat, I spent only one night in the campground and about four hours fishing. This trip was ill-advised for a wimp like me.

First, having overdone it with the preparation for this trip, I began getting some familiar chest pains while on the water the first day. I popped a nitro, the usual antidote for us old heart patients, and nothing changed. So, on day #1 I reeled in and headed to the berth after just an hour or so of fishing. The nitro didn't help, so I popped a couple of ibuprofen. And that seemed to do it. I was convinced that the pain was from doing too much work the day before. After more than 11 years, I still get sternum pain from heart surgery if I overdo using my arms and shoulders. It doesn't happen often, but I believe that was the issue this time.

Resting at Camp the Afternoon of Day 1

I stayed put at the motorhome the rest of the day, figuring that I needed the rest. As wimpy as that may seem, it got even worse...

On the morning of Day 2 I was back out on the river fishing. I anchored at Light 25 near Rio Vista Coast Guard Station and slung out the usual lamprey in hopes of attracting a passing sturgeon. Light 25 is a good sturgeon hole; the bottom of the river there is a huge clam bed. Sturgeon like clambeds.

The day was cool with an intermittent light breeze. Sitting on the gunwale of the cockpit, I just couldn't get warm - even with long johns and a sweat shirt. I began thinking of home, the hot tub and the fireplace. After a couple of hours it occured to me how foolish it was to sit out on the river shivering while wishing I was warm at home. Honestly, I should be kicked out of the Brotherhood of Fishermen for being such a wimp. But the fact is this: It's come the time in my life that if I'm not comfortable, nothing else matters but to get comfortable. Did I say that I have become a wimp? It's sad, I know. But that's just how it is.

So I reeled in, headed to the ramp, hooked the trailer back up to the motorhome and loaded the boat. And went home! I can't believe I did that after all the preparation for this trip! I spent only one night in the motorhome and a total of about four hours fishing. And I had planned on spending three nights. I am ashamed of myself. The fact is I need to fish when the days are warmer. Cold or even cool weather fishing just is not for me anymore.

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