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Oceanside (San Diego) again!

(Photos lost during site migration.)

September 22-25, 2005

The plan has always been to use our "magic carpet" coach at least once a month. Last month we were completely loaded and ready to head out the next day for a trip to Colorado and Oregon. That evening I had a bout of angina and wound up in the hospital which scratched the big trip. But now, with five stents in place, we're back on the road!

It was time to head south to see my son Dean and wife Melissa and the boys. We missed the summertime visit due to the camping spaces being unavailable, so we hadn't been down in six months. With a one year old and a four year old in the family, big changes take place in six months!

The kids are doing fine, but mom and Aiden were out of town for a family funeral on her side. Dean and Connor hosted our visit with the informal "hanging around" that we prefer.

We arrived Friday and left early Sunday morning to avoid the LA traffic. Sorry, I forgot my camera while at the kids' home, so there are no photos of the visit. But... how 'bout a photo from Barstow!?

 Jacks down at the Flying J in Barstow, we toast to another trip aboard our coach. Barstow? Again?

 "Camped" once again at Guajome Park in Oceanside.


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