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Five Restful Days At Pismo Beach

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October 30 - November 4, 2005

We embarked on a six day adventure of a different sort: We drove to an RV park in PIsmo Beach and simply stayed put for five days. That's a first for us; we're usually on the road each day, driving to a new destination each day.

US Hiway 1: The Infamous Californa Coastal Route.
(Note the coach in the background)

Staying put in an RV lot takes a bit of getting used to. It was especially hard to stay put each morning as that's when I'm used to getting underway.

We drove to Salinas the first day of the trip and overnighted in the local Wal-Mart lot. On the second day we arrived at Pismo Beach. The trip down US 1 from Salinas is a long, winding, very scenic drive and worth the extra time and effort it takes. The beauty of the California coast is breath taking.

 We joined a couple of other couples from our senior gated community at an RV park in Pismo Beach. They are regular inhabitants of the Pismo Beach RV scene and knew the local attractions very well.

Parked at the Holiday RV Park in Pismo Beach.

Our friends guided us as we visited the Danish hamlet of Solvang, about an hour's drive south. We took in a local commercial fishing pier near Pismo Beach that is open to the public. The fleet seemed to be moored that day and no fishing vessels were unloading their catch, but we visited a fish market and a restaurant that were on the pier. We took in a play at a local theater. Most of all, we ate out entirely too often.


On the Pismo Beach pier.

With my sore feet, I usually have the scooter along to ride when a long walk is involved. It sure is a great way to see things I'd otherwise not bother to walk to.







View from the pier.

We returned home in a single day's trip, choosing to take US 101 instead of the coast route. It was a very pleasant week of a different sort and we look forward to more such trips with our friends.


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