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A Quick Trip to Gridley to Meet Gale & John

November 12-13,2011 

My sis and hubby, John, have moved to Oregon, but on occasion they return to Kalifornistan to visit family in the Gridley (Yuba City) area. So we drove up one day to visit briefly, then returned home the next day.

Gridley is an old town, and they make a lot of fuss over their quaint downtown area - which is several blocks from this sign.

We spent the night in the coach, but most of the time in the house where John's mom lived before moving to live with John's sister. Gale and John were preparing the place to be sold.

We visited Gale and John and had a good mini-reunion. But after breakfast on Day 2, we headed back home. This was about as short a trip as we've taken aboard the coach.

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