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The  2005 Peterson Family Reunion!

(Photos lost during site migration.)

June 20-22, 2005

My side of the family gathered together this year at Cambria, California. For us, it was just a day's drive to the coast. For others, it was a cross country trip from as far away as Georgia.

We stopped at Casa de Fruita on near Hollister, Ca enroute to the reunion.

A stop at this famous old fruit stand - and so much more - is almost required after passing over Pacheco Pass. They have wonderful and interesting things to enjoy - mostly edible!

Then we contined on over to Cambria to meet with the family for a few day.


About 45 family members showed up for the reunion. The good news is that we had a grand time. The bad news is that my generation, who at one time were the kids of the family, are now the old folks.

The Official Family Reunion 2005 Photo

Of my Grandma Peterson's nine children, just one daughter, my Aunt Dawn, is still with us. Time marches on. We're born. We get old. We die. In the meantime, some of us fish and RV. That ain't all bad!

Here is the coach at Camp Yeager in Cambria, Ca. This camp has very primitive cabins and a pretty decent kitchen/dining room. We were real pleased to be able to have all the comforts and privacy that the coach provides.

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