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November 7-9, 2006

Fishin' with m'boy!


Dean flew up from San Diego for a couple of days at Brannan with the Old Man. He drove from the Sac Airport direct to Brannan where I had the coach all set up in a campsite and the boat launched and ready at the nearby dock. Here we are sturgeon fishin' on Cache Slough during the second day of his visit. We tried several areas that day, trying to get out of the infernal wind. This was the calmest area we found all day.


The first afternoon we just hung out at the campsite, visiting and downing a few brews. We headed over to The Point for dinner a bit later and enjoyed the lovely view from their dining room over the Sacramento River.


Dean fishing from the cockpit of FishWisher.


A green heron stalked our dock. Dean grabbed my new 12X Sony camera and shot it!

This great egret was a certified dock bum. Each time we docked, he'd fly over to us, unafraid, and wait for us to toss a morsel his way. We never did; our lamprey, used for sturgeon, was likely not a part of his usual diet.

The boat and coach make quite a rig. But I have to find a way other than Hiway 12 to get to Brannan Island. It's such a beat-up, rutted and neglected old road that it tries to beat the coach and the boat to pieces every time I drive on it.

On the morning of the third day, we trolled a couple of hours for stripers with no success. We then broke camp, hooked up the boat trailer and loaded the boat. We met other family members for breakfast at Phillips Farm Restaurant near I-5 and Hiway 12. After breakfast, Dean headed to the airport and the big adventure was over. But maybe, just maybe, we can make this an annual visit!


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