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June 9, 2012

On Wifey's side of the family it has been a tradition to drive down to Exeter, CA, near Visalia, to remember family members who have passed on. Her mother made that pilgrimage annually, but since her mother's passing some years ago, the visits have been few and far between. It was time to make the trip again, and several family members wanted to go with us. It's about 165 miles each way, so we planned to make a day of it.

Everyone met at our home, and we all  boarded the coach for the trip south. The drive was pleasant, as was the  visit to the cemetery.

After a short stop en route to Exeter, everyone climbed back aboard.

The coach sits outside the cemetery as we visit family grave sites. There was no way the coach would fit the narrow cemetery roads and permit any other vehicle to pass.

Darren, Ashley, me, Lavonne, Craig, Stephanie and Janice (L to R) pose for a family photo as we visit family grave sites. 

Heading home before we stopped for lunch. Craig took this photo; I was driving... 

...yep, that's me doing the driving. Craig took over the driving for a spell as we headed home.

Some of the group as we head home after lunch. It had been a long day!

This beautiful little church in Farmersville, near Exeter, had nothing to  do with the cemetery or the trip. I just find churches such as this very photogenic, so that's why it's here!

Our trip was uneventful and rewarding for the family. We were home with plenty of time for everyone to drive back to their homes and still have plenty of time for whatever they planned for Saturday night.

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