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Bonfante Gardens!

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July 19, 2005

Bonfante Gardens is located in Gilroy, California, a very short RV adventure for us. This most beautiful of landscaped attractions have "Circus Trees" which were created years ago, then transported to Bonfante where they are on display. Below is one such tree.

Look close: That webbing is a tree!

 There are also lush gardens, a mono-rail, a narrow gauge railway and other rides available. The main attractions for us were the incredible landscape and water falls.

No overnight parking at this Wal-Mart, eh? All we had to do was ask and permission was granted. Another store required by the city fathers to post "No overnight parking". But Sam said welcome!


We spent the night at Wal-Mart's Gilroy store, then proceeded to the Bonfante Gardens the next morning.


Spectacular landscaping greets visitors at the gate.









 The beautiful Camellia Gardens area of the park.





 High above the gardens aboard the monorail that takes visitors on a wonderful tour .

We pose at one of the exquisite waterfall attractions.

Now called "Gilroy Gardens", their website is

Pay this wonderful park a visit someday... you'll be glad you did!


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