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Helping Family Move the RV Way

December 22, 2007


The rig backed in the driveway, ready to unload.


Another shot backed in the driveway.


Back home at sunset after the long day of moving.

My sis and brother-in-law are moving farther up north in California, about120 miles away, and I offered to pull a trailer with the coach to make the move easier.

To make the move, I borrowed an enclosed trailer that I once owned when I was in business. We filled the trailer and the coach with much of their personal stuff. I've never seen the coach so loaded! We filled up three or four of the basement compartments, laid all the clothing on the bed and piled boxes and assorted other stuff throughout the coach. Thet railer was loaded to the top with furniture - including a small piano!

The trip went smoothly and the coach seemed to breath easily through the big moving day. And that's how the coach became a moving van!


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